Each ability begins at 0 and can be advanced through character development and acquisition of magic items.

You receive a bonus equal to 50% of your ability, as that ability’s modifier, on checks related to that ability.

Example: A strength of 6 gives a +3 bonus on melee attack rolls.

What follows is a list of abilities and checks related to them

Strength is used for the following
Smash-batter obstacles like doors, walls, or chests without through force.
Might-strength modifies all basic melee attack rolls and damage rolls
Capacity-you can carry an additional 10 pounds of weight for each point of strength.

Dexterity is used for the following
Agility-used for tasks like balancing, jumping, climbing, and swimming
Defense-modifies armor class and dodge%
Shot-modifies ranged attack rolls
Subterfuge-allows character to sneak without being seen, take unattended things without being noticed, and the like

Constitution is used for the following


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